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Drivers Ed Requirement for Obtaining your Learners Permit

Drivers Education is an important part and the initial step that a teen must take to be a safe driver and to apply to DMV to receive a Learner’s Permit.

Obtaining a Learner’s Permit (also known as provisional instruction permit), is the first milestone toward obtaining a California Driver's License.

If you are a teen between the age of 15 ½ and 18, you will need to obtain the Certificate of Completion of Driver Education by taking the following steps:

  • Completing at least 25 hours of full classroom instruction or at least 25 hours of online Drivers Education course. (Online Drivers Education courses are more popular because most teens would prefer taking the course online rather than going to a drivers education classroom). The Online Drivers Education Course must be approved by DMV. Our Online Driver's Education Course has been approved by DMV.
  • Six hours of Behind-the-Wheel training. We currently offer Behind-the-Wheel training in Orange County, California, Please call us at 562-305-3187 to schedule an appointment.
    Or you can Google: Behind the Wheel training and find a small business that is specialized in Behind-the-Wheel training near you.
  • 50 hours of supervised driving practice which needs to include 10 hours of driving at dark.
    If you drive with your parents or any adult over the age of 25 as your passenger, the hours that you drove with an adult over the age of 25 can count toward the 50 hours requirements.

About Our Drivers Education Course:

Our Drivers Education course has 14 easy to learn chapters, and it covers all of the need-to-know subjects about the traffic laws and be a safe and responsible driver.

At the end of each chapter, there is a short practice quiz.

Our course is flexible, you don't need to take the entire course at once and there is no time limit.

Once you finish going through the chapters and complete all the short quizzes for all the chapters, you will be able to take the final quiz.

You can always revisit and review your completed lessons if you'd like to refresh your memory on any lesson.

The final quiz includes 50 questions and you will need to have 40 correct answers to pass the final quiz.
You can take our final quiz as many times as you wish until you pass the quiz.

You can take the final quiz as many times as you like until you pass. Once you pass the final quiz and pay for the course, we will provide you with your Drivers Ed Certificate.

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Take the first step toward obtaining your California learner’s permit by completing our online drivers education course. California DMV approved.
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