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Teen Driver Guide for Obtaining your Driving Permit

If you are a teen, between the age of 15 to 17 1/2, this information is for you for becoming a teen driver and obtaining your provisional driver license.

Step 1 - Obtain your Instruction Permit (also known as the Learner's Permit)

The first step to your teen driving journey is to obtain your Learner's Permit by taking the following steps:

  • Complete a California Approved Drivers Ed Course

    A Drivers Ed course can be provided online or in a classroom settings, but most of today's Drivers Ed course are done online.

    DriversEducationUSA.com is specialized in providing Online Drivers Ed Course for teens . The DriversEducationUSA.com's Drivers Ed course is approved by the California DMV and is easy to learn and easy to complete.

    Once you complete your Online Drivers Ed Course from DriversEducationUSA.com, you will receive your Drivers Ed Completion Certificate which you can take to your local DMV office.

  • Visit your Local DMV Office

    First make sure you have a valid ID before walking to your DMV office. if you have not done so, apply to receive your California ID using below link:
    DL 44 Online Application

    Visit your DMV office, pay the application fee for Learner's Permit, have your photo taken, pass a vision exam, and take DMV's knowleage test with passing score of 80%
    DriversEducationUSA.com offers complementary DMV's Practice Test . (You can prepare for DMV's knowledge test.)

Step 2 - Driver's Training

  • Take six hours of Behind the Wheel Drivers from a DMV approved professional driver training instructor.
    (If you live in Orange County, call us at 562-305-3187 to schedule an appointment; otherwise search for a Behind the Wheel Driver training instructor near you.)
  • Do driving practice with a parent or guardian consisting of 50 hours of driving practice, 10 hours of that 50 hours must be night driving and have the parent or guardian sign your Learner's Permit verifying that you have completed the required 50 hours of training.

Final Step - Obtain your Provisional Driver License

Once you have completed the above steps, and you have reached the age of 16, and you have held your Learner's Permit for at least six months, you are eligible to apply and obtain your Provisional Driver License from DMV

Schedule an appointment with your local DMV office, visit the DMV office and bring your ID and Learner's Permit that is signed by the Driver Training Instructor and your parent or guardian and take DMV's driving test and once you pass DMV's driving test, you can apply and obtain your Provisional Driver License.

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Take the first step toward obtaining your California Provisional Driver License by completing our online drivers education course. California DMV approved.
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