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California Drivers Ed Online for DMV Learner's Permit

Take the first step toward obtaining your California Provisional Driver's License (DL) by completing our online drivers education course - California DMV approved.

See the steps that are required to get your Provisional Driver License as a Teen.

  • California DMV Approved Drivers Ed Online Course for Teens.
  • Take the quizzes and final test as many times as you like until you pass.
  • There is no time limit or pressure.
  • Our curriculum are easy to learn.
  • Our lessons have a great balance of content and resources.
  • You will learn the foundation of being a safe and confident driver.
Cost for the Course: $49.90
Special Promotion: -$30.00
Total Cost: $19.90
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California Drivers Education - Drivers Education USA

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Steps to Obtain Your Provisional Driver's License:

Step 1. Drivers Education
Register and complete our Drivers Education Online Course.

Step 2. Instruction Permit (Learner's Permit)
Complete DMV's DL 44 Online Application , and set an appointment with the DMV office and bring a legally acceptable document that proves your identity along with the Drivers Education Completion Certificate that we will send you, and pay the required fee, and pass the knowledge test (written test).
You can use our Online DMV Practice Test to prepare for DMV's knowledge test (written test).

Step 3. Behind the Wheel Training
Complete the 6-hours behind the wheel training by a local driving instructor and also do driving practice with your parent or guardian for 50 hours (10 hours of that 50 hours must be at night).

Step 4. Provisional Driver's License
Once you have completed the above steps and have held your Instruction Permit for at least six months, set an appointment with the DMV to take and pass DMV's driving test and receive your Provisional Driver's License

Step 5. Standard Driver's License
Once you reach the age of 18 and you remain a safe driver (have not received traffic violation points above a certain numbers that is considered unsafe), your Provisional Driver's License will automatically becomes a standard Driver's License.

The above steps is the summary. To see the full detail, please click:
How to get your California Driver's License as a Teen

For behind the wheel training in Irvine and Orange County area contact Rick DeCicco at 562-305-3187
Behind the Wheel Training in Orange County