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DMV Practice Test 2:

This is the practice questions and answers for California DMV Knowledge Test / Drivers Written Test.
You can take this practice test as many times as you wish.

When should you drive slower than the posted speed limit?

Between 8am to noon.
When the road are unsafe due to a bad weather condition and/or heavy traffic.
At all the time.

When parking, a blue curb means:

Park only if you are a disabled person
Parking is for a disabled person with a special placard or license plate that is furnished by DMV
Park or stand there if you are sick

On which one of the following scenarios, the road is less slippery:

When it just starts to rain on a dry pavement
On the roads and bridges during the freezing temperature.
After it has been raining for a while when the roads are clear from puddles of water

What is not considered a pedestrian?

A disabled person on a wheelchair..
A blind person using a cane.
A bicyclist.

If a person is involved in reckless driving or partaking in a speed contest that causes injury to others, he / she can be subject to:

Imprisonment and/or Fines.
Community Services.
All the above.

When you park on a hill, you should always:

Make sure to put your gear in the Park position and set the parking brake and turn your wheels toward the curb.
Leave the vehicle in neutral.
Set the parking brake and turn your wheels away from the curb.

If you are involved in an accidents where the total damage is above $1000, you are required by law to complete and submit a written report to::

The Police Department near you
The California Highway Patrol (CHP)

When you would need to make a right turn at an upcoming intersection, you should:

Safely move to the right lane, then slow down and move toward the right side of your lane.
If there is a bicycle lane, try to avoid it.
Use your signal five feet before turning.

You can legally block an intersection:

As long as you entered the intersection when the light was green
When there is a traffic congestion.
Under no circumstances you are allowed to block an intersection.

How can you use your cell phone while driving that is more safe?

Keep the cell phone on one hand
Read a text message or enter an address in Google map.
Use your cell phone only in hands-free mode and only when necessary.