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DMV Practice Test 4:

This is the practice questions and answers for California DMV Knowledge Test / Drivers Written Test.
You can take this practice test as many times as you wish.

What are the common causes of accidents?

Not following the traffic rules regarding traffic signs and signals,
Driving at the speed that is not safe for the current road situation and condition.
All of the above.

How much space should you allow between your vehicle and a large semi-truck that is in front of you on the freeway?

Maintain much more space than the usual safe space between the two regular vehicles on the freeways in order to be out of the semi-truck driver\’s blind spot.
Follow close behind the semi-truck because the semi-truck driver has a better grasp of the freeway driving
Maintain less than one full car length.

When you are tailgating other vehicles:

You are following that vehicle too closely and if that vehicle stops suddenly due to debris or other situations, you would more likely get into an accident
You would be helping to reduce the freeway's traffic congestion.
You will be praised by an officer and you will not receive a ticket.

What is California's "Basic Speed Law"?

The maximum speed limit is 65 mph.
Do not drive faster than the speed limits that are posted on the highways.
Drive at a safe speed limit based on the highway's current traffic and weather condition

You should not park your car:

On the side of the freeway if your car has broken down.
Within 500 feet of a school or a park with a playground.
Next to a red curb.

What should you do when you see a school bus with flashing yellow lights ahead?

You should stop and wait until all of the children have exited the bus.
Slow down to 25 mph and only pass when it deem safe.
Slow down and prepare to stop..

Do not start to cross a railroad tracks:

If you have children in your vehicle.
If you do not have enough space to completely cross and pass the railroad tracks.
If the train traffic in that town is very frequent

Is it legal for a driver or a passenger of a vehicle to use or eat cannabis products?

When you are stopping at the red light.
It is only legal if the cannabis product was prescribed by a doctor.
It is never legal for a driver or a passenger of a vehicle to use cannabis products.

Can you drive off a paved road to pass another vehicle?

Only if that is the only way you can pass the slow vehicle
Only if the shoulder is wide enough for such maneuver
Under no circumstances driving off a paved road to pass another vehicle is allowed

Which of the following traffic lights tells a driver to slow down and cross the intersection carefully?

Solid red.
Flashing red.
Flashing yellow.