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DMV Practice Test 1:

This is the practice questions and answers for California DMV Knowledge Test / Drivers Written Test.
You can take this practice test as many times as you wish.

What is Parallel parking?

Parallel parking means that the front wheels are turned toward the curb.
Parallel parking means that the front wheels are turned away from the curb.
Parallel parking is when a vehicle is parked parallel to the road and in line with other parked vehicles.

When making a left turn from a one-way street onto another one-way street, you may turn from:

The center lane
Any available lane
The very left lane

To make a right turn, you should:

Safely move to the right lane, then slow down or stop, then look left-right-left, and make the right turn when it is safe.
Use your turn signal and turn right away.
Slow down, stop and let all other vehicles go before moving to the right lane.

When you are driving on the freeway with weather conditions such as a dust storm which reduces your visibility. you should slow down and:

Turn on your high beams within 300 feet of the vehicle that you're following.
Turn on your headlights.
Turn on your Parking lights

At what speed you should merge onto the freeway?

The posted speed limit for that freeway.
10% slower than the speed of the vehicles on the freeway
At the same speed or close to the speed of the traffic on the freeway.

When you are planning to turn right, within 200 feet of an intersection, you may enter:

A bus lane.
A fast-food restaurant's drive-thru lane.
A bike lane.

The speed limit near a railroad crossing that has no warning devices is:

25 mph
15 mph
35 mph

Within how many feet of the vehicles that are driving against your vehicle, you should dim your high-beam headlights to low-beam?


As a safe driver, what should you do when approaching a crosswalk with flashing lights?

Make sure the pedestrian can see you, make an eye contact and pass the pedestrian.
Slow down, look for pedestrians and be prepared to stop.
Always stop

When you sell your vehicle, who you should notify within five days?

Your car insurance company
Your local Police Department