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Physical and mental requirements of a driver

We learned that as a driver you need to know the traffic laws, follow the rules of the road, and use defensive driving skills to stay safe on the road. However, just having a good knowledge of the traffic laws and driving skills is not enough to be a good driver; you will need to be physically and mentally healthy is order to be able to drive safely.

A driver needs to meet the following physical and mental requirements:

Physical and Health Requirements:

  • Nonexistence of fatigue
  • Physical ability that is required to operate a vehicle
  • Nonexistence of a health condition that can cause a driver to lose control or become immobilize during driving

Sensory Function Requirements:

  • Intact visual
  • Intact hearing
  • Sense of touch

Mental Requirements:

  • Ability to process the sensory functions
  • Ability to focus
  • Being stable mentally and emotionally
  • Ability to make sound judgment that is required while driving
  • Ability to identify a driving hazard, process it, and make a sound decision and react appropriately to each situation