How do I deal with heavy traffic in the city?

bumper-to-bumper traffic

There are times when traffic is most congested; morning traffic usually starts at around 7 AM and lasts until around 9 AM, and afternoon traffic starts at around 4 PM and lasts until around 6 PM.

Try to avoid driving during the busy hours, or take public transportation. If you must drive during the busy hours, follow these general rules to stay safe and less stressed:

  • If you are on a schedule or have an appointment, allow plenty of time to get to your destination going through heavy traffic.
  • Scan far ahead to see if traffic is slowing down by looking at the vehicle's brake lights; this way, you can slow down smoothly rather than being surprised and having to brake suddenly.
  • Select a lane with the least amount of traffic activities and obstacles, and stay in that lane.
  • Cover your brakes and be prepared to stop if needed.