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What are Tollroads and Tollbooths?

Tollroads are the type of roads that require payments from drivers.

Consider the following regarding the tollroads:

  • Most tollroads are now providing online registration for monthly and even one-time use.
  • If you enter a tollroad without having the prior registration, you must pay using a tollbooth.
  • Some tollroads have removed the option to pay with tollbooth due to the cost of having a cashier collecting at the tollbooth and are now requiring prior registration (or online registration) prior to use.
  • If you drive on a tollroad without paying, your license plate number will be captured via cameras, and you will receive a ticket.

When approaching a tollbooth on the freeway:

  • Look ahead for tollbooth signs.
  • Slow down in advance.
  • Be prepared for slow or stopped traffic near the tollbooth; give yourself adequate space to stop.
  • Use the tollbooth lane designated for your kind of vehicle.  Some lanes are marked for carpools, buses, and trucks.
  • Only use lanes that are marked as open (green lights or sign).

As you exit the tollbooth area:

  • Look for other drivers on both sides of you.
  • Find the best point to merge, and accelerate gradually.
  • Adjust your speed to the flow of traffic.