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Who is considered a pedestrian?

When you're traveling outside of your vehicle, you are a pedestrian! Therefore, you must also know your responsibilities as a pedestrian.  Pedestrians are individuals who are walking or running, bicycling, are riding on scooters, skateboards, or skates, or are using a wheelchair, tricycles, or quadricycles.

pedestrian passing crosswalk

Pedestrian safety is the responsibility of both the pedestrians and the motorists on the road.

A pedestrian is a person:

  • On foot
  • Who uses a method of transport such as roller skates or skateboard
  • With a disability that is using a wheelchair, tricycle, or quadricycle

What is a pedestrian crosswalk?
A pedestrian crosswalk is a section of the street or road that is assigned to pedestrians.  The crosswalks can be located at the end of an intersection or street block or middle of the street block.

How can I identify a crosswalk?

  • Be aware of the crosswalk, pedestrian crossing, or children crossing signs.
  • Some of the intersection crosswalks are marked with white lines.
  • Some of the school and children crosswalks are marked with yellow lines.
  • Some crosswalks use flashing lights to let drivers know that pedestrian are crossing.
  • Most residential areas may not have a marked crosswalk, so look out for crosswalk signs and use common sense and stop when you see a pedestrian attempting to cross the street.