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What is the right of way in traffic law?

In traffic laws, the right of way refers to a driver or a person who has the right to proceed first.  However, the law does not specify who has the right to proceed first, but the law specifies who must give up or yield the rights to another.

right of way

The law is written in such a way to help prevent accidents, meaning every driver, motorcyclist, bicyclist, and even pedestrians must use common sense and give the right of way to others in order to prevent accidents.

Even if you have the right of way, you should never assume that other drivers are going to accommodate; you should use common sense, be courteous and try to anticipate the other driver's actions before attempting to proceed first.

On the other hand, if you noticed that the other driver has the right of way, but he/she is insisting you to proceed first, you should proceed to prevent traffic delays.