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Common safety rules for safe driving maneuvers

  • Plan ahead and start moving to the lane that is appropriate for the relevant driving maneuver in advance (at least one block in a city area or about 500 feet in the rural area). That way, you will not be in a traffic situation to suddenly have to move over multiple lanes. Suddenly moving over multiple lanes is unsafe, and you can get a ticket for reckless driving.
  • Turn on your turn signal in advance (at least 100 feet before the turn) to indicate to other drivers your intention of changing lanes or getting ready to make a turn.
  • Check your mirrors and check over your shoulder for your blind spot to make sure there are no vehicles before changing lanes.
  • Slow down to a safe speed when you are getting ready to make a turn.
  • Be careful around pedestrians and bicyclists and give the right of way to them.
  • If the traffic at the intersection is congested, and you realize that by making a left or right turn, you will not be able to go thru the intersection, do not block the intersection; it is unsafe and you will receive a traffic ticket.
  • Never park on a crosswalk.
  • Never rush, and make sure that it is safe to make a turn before turning.
  • When you are making an unprotected left turn or U-turn, never rush, and make sure that it is safe to make the turn before turning into an intersection.  You may be more likely to misjudge the speed and distance of large vehicles such as semi-trailer trucks or buses, so be much more careful and be patient when there are large vehicles approaching.