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Move over law regarding emergency vehicles

It is really important that you move out of the way safely and yield to any emergency vehicle that is approaching and needing to pass by.


If an emergency vehicle using its lights and sirens and is approaching, you must:

  • Move out of the way quickly and safely
  • Clear the way by moving to the right and pulling over
  • Finish crossing if you are in the middle of an intersection
  • Move to the nearest curb or sidewalk if you are a pedestrian

You must exercise extra caution when you pass a stopped emergency vehicle or tow truck with lights flashing.

If you approach an emergency vehicle with flashing lights on the side of the road:

  • Try to change the lane and move away from the lane that is next to the emergency vehicle.
  • If you cannot switch lanes safely, slow down and proceed carefully.

If you fail to yield to an emergency vehicle, you may get a ticket; the fines and penalties differ from county to county, but can cost you approximately $490.