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What is the speed limit near school or children?

When you are driving within 500-1,000 feet of a school zone when school is in session, and children are nearby, the speed limit is 25 mph unless posted otherwise. Some school zones have a lower speed limit of below 25 mph and as low as 15 mph.

school speed limit

Be aware of your surroundings, slow down and be prepared to stop in the areas such as schools, playgrounds, parks, and residential areas where children may be nearby playing or crossing the street.

Most children do not have the ability to decide whether to cross the street or wait for a car to go by and they may try to cross the street without having enough time, so please slow down and be careful when children are nearby.

Follow the rules below when you are near a school bus:

  • If a school bus uses its flashing yellow lights, you must slow down and be prepared to stop; the bus is about to pick up or let off children.
  • If a school bus ahead uses its flashing red lights and stop sign, you must make a full stop and remain stopped until the lights stop flashing; if you do not, you may face a $1,000 fine and license suspension.
  • If the bus is on the opposite side of a divided or multilane highway, you do not need to stop.
  • Drive no more than 25 mph near school buses or bus stops; drive as if you were in school zone.
  • Never pull out in front of a school bus suddenly; children may dart into the road or run around a bus, even if lights are not flashing.
  • Always obey hand signals and instructions from the school bus driver.