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What you need to do before driving

Before you get in your car and start driving, you should know a few safety tips that can help make your drive a safe and fun endeavor.

driver with good attitude

  • Always carry a valid driver's license, vehicle registration and proof of insurance with you while in your car.
  • Make sure that you are physically and mentally ready to drive. If you are tired, upset, have had any alcoholic drinks or medication that may make you tired or impaired, or if you are physically or mentally impaired in any way, do not attempt to drive.
  • Make sure that you can focus on your driving, and there are no distractions or things that can impair your senses. For example:
    • Never use your cell phone, put on makeup or do things that can distract you while driving.
    • Never play loud music or put on headphones, which impair your ability to hear.
  • Your car needs to be safe. Make sure that your tires do not show any obvious signs of problems such as being flat or damaged.
  • Always follow all traffic rules, and stay courteous to other drivers on the road.