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Visual check and basic adjustments before driving

Before you get behind the wheel, walk around your vehicle to make sure that there are no obstructions, or hidden objects behind, near or under your car. Watch out for children or pets that may obscured by the blind spots of your car.

look around your vehicle before start driving

Once you get behind the wheel, before starting to drive:

  1. Check your windows and windshield to be sure they are clean and clear of dirt, frost, and debris.
  2. Adjust your seat.
  3. Adjust your mirrors (rear and side).
  4. Adjust the steering wheel so you can reach all controls and see the road clearly.
  5. Adjust your headrest.
  6. Put on your seatbelt and adjust it so it is comfortable but secure. Make sure all passengers are in the vehicle and wearing seatbelts.
  7. Turn on the engine, check your car's fuel level, and look for warning lights on the dashboard.
    If you have any warning lights on, check out the link below that explain different dashboard warning lights and what they mean and what to do before start driving:
    Car Maintenance Checklist
  8. Turn on your headlights, turn signals, and windshield wipers, if needed.
  9. Get into the right frame of mind for responsible and safe driving.