How can I drive safely in the windy weather?

High wind pushes your vehicle to the sides and sometimes even lifts it, which reduces your tires' traction on the road.

The wind can especially cause problems for light, tall vehicles, RVs, campers, and trailers. Windy conditions can blow these vehicles out of their lane or off the road.

Safe driving tips for driving in windy conditions:

  • Slow down to a safe speed.
  • Keep your firm grip on a steering wheel with both hands to keep control of your vehicle.
  • Avoid following or driving next to RVs, campers, trailers, and truck trailers, as those vehicles are hard to control during high winds, and they can be a hazard when following them or driving alongside them.
  • Avoid making fast traffic maneuvers such as rapidly changing lanes or passing other vehicles, as high wind can push or lift your vehicle, and fast maneuvers can overturn your car or push it out of the lane.
  • Slow down in advance of making turns.
  • Be aware that wind gusts can become more strong or sudden when driving over a bridge or down a mountain road, so stay at a safe speed to avoid rollover or being pushed off the lane.