What is hydroplaning and how can I avoid it?

Hydroplaning is when your car slides on a slippery road caused by gathered water or a mixture of oil, fuel and water.

rain tire looses traction

When you drive on a wet surface or slippery road with more water than your vehicle's tires can disperse, your tires will lose traction and slide on the road, which may cause you to lose control of your vehicle.

To avoid hydroplaning:

  • Drive slowly. As your speed increases, so does your chance of hydroplaning.
  • Make sure that your tires have acceptable tire treads and tire pressure. Worn tires or over-inflated tires will not provide good traction (see the section on how to check your tires).
  • If it is possible and safe, steer around water such as large puddles.
  • If you see a large puddle or body of water on the road, don't try to drive through it. Either turn around to take another path or wait until the water clears. If your car stalls as you drive through rising water, leave the vehicle immediately. Get to higher ground.