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Temporary Traffic Control Signs (Work Zone Signs)

Temporary road condition signs provide information on road work or other temporary road conditions. Temporary traffic control signs are usually diamond- or square-shaped and are usually fluorescent orange with black letters.

Road work signs alert drivers about road work zones, diversions, detours, lane closures, traffic control people and other construction hazards. You need to slow down where there are construction zones.

Below are some examples of the most common Temporary Condition/Road-Work signs:

road work ahead

Road work ahead
Tell drivers that there is road work ahead – slow down and approach with caution.

flagger ahead sign

Traffic control person ahead
Tells you to drive slowly and follow the guide and instruction of the traffic control person.

right lane closed ahead

Right Lane Closed
Tells you that right Lane ahead is closed for roadwork. Slow down and start merging with traffic to the one available lane

detour sign

Temporary Detour
Tell you to follow the signs for a temporary detour from normal traffic route.