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Traffic Signals For Pedestrians

Pedestrians must also follow traffic signals. Some intersections have WALK and DON"T WALK signs activated with a push button on a traffic pole. Below are the meanings of pedestrian signals:

pedestrian walk crossing sign

Pedestrians may legally cross when this word is displayed; can also be shown with a walking male figure

no walk signal light

Pedestrians must remain on the sidewalk; it is not safe to cross; may also be shown as a solid red hand

no walk signal light

May also be shown as a flashing red hand; pedestrians in the intersection should finish crossing; do not enter the intersection if you haven"t begun crossing

In intersections without pedestrian signals, pedestrians should obey vehicle traffic lights when crossing. As a pedestrian, remember that not all drivers will follow traffic laws. Always be on the lookout for drivers who appear as if they will not give you the right of way.