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California State Road Signs / Traffic Signs Photos and Meanings

Traffic signs provide you important information about the road's rules, traffic laws and route guides, and provide alerts and warnings about the road's conditions.

Signs are designed using different shapes, colors and symbols in order to make it easy for the people to identify them.

There are a few different types of traffic signs:

Regulatory Signs
Regulatory signs provide information about the road rules and traffic laws and let you know about what to do or not do in different traffic situations.
Regulatory signs are square- or rectangular-shaped and are white with black or red letters or symbols.

Below are a few examples of regulatory signs:

stop sign
Stop Sign
do not enter sign
Do Not Enter Sign
yield sign
Yield Sign
no u turn sign
No U-Turn Sign
no turns sign
No Turns

Warning Signs
Warning signs provide alerts and warning about the road conditions or hazards, or possible traffic situations.
Warning signs are usually diamond shaped and are yellow with black lettering or symbols.

Below are a few examples of warning signs:

lane ends merge left sign
Lane Ends Merge Left
signal ahead
Signal Ahead
sharp right angle turn sign
Sharp Right Angle Turn Ahead
speed advisory highway ramp sign
Speed Advisory Highway Ramp
lane merge sign
Lane Merge

Guide Signs
Guide signs provide information about the roads and highways, and distance and directions to destinations.
Guide signs are square or rectangular shaped and are green or brown with white lettering.

Below are a few examples of guide signs:

interstate route sign
Interstate Route Sign
us route sign
US Route Sign
county route sign
County Route Sign
freeway guide sign exit
Freeway Exit Sign
freeway-destination guide sign
Highway Guide Sign

Temporary Traffic Control Signs (Work Zone signs)
Temporary road condition signs provide information on a road work or other temporary road conditions.
Temporary traffic control signs are usually diamond or square shaped and are usually fluorescent orange with black letters.

Below are a few examples of guide signs:

road work ahead
Road Work Ahead
flagger ahead sign
Flagger Ahead Sign
right lane closed ahead
Right Lane Closed Ahead
exit closed sign
Exit Closed Sign
detour sign
Detour Sign

Services and Recreation Signs
Services signs provide information about the location of various services, such as gas stations, rest areas, restaurants, campgrounds, and hospitals.
Services signs are square or rectangular, and are blue with white letters or symbols.

Below are a few examples of guide signs:

highway food service sign
Highway Food Service Sign
highway gas service sign
Highway Gas Service Sign
highway hospital service sign
Hospital Sign
highway emergency medical services sign
Emergency Medical Services
highway rest area-sign
Highway Rest Area Sign

Railroad Crossing Sign
Railroad Crossing signs inform you that you are approaching a railroad crossing.

Below are a couple of examples of Railroad Crossing signs:

railroad crossing sign
Railroad Crossing Sign
railroad crossing ahead
Railroad Crossing Ahead